Coolmaxx Compant

Compact, quiet range of air conditioners from 5000 to 24000 BTUs. Incorporating the latest design in marine air conditioning with sleek styling and superior noise and vibration absorbing qualities.


  • Coolmaxx Quattro 
  • Coolmaxx Room Thermostat
  • Coolmaxx Compact 5000 – 16000 BTU
  • Coolmaxx Compact 24
  • Coolmaxx Blue
Portable Systems
Coolmaxx Portable 230V

Klima Chillers Chiller Systems

  • 30.000 BTU – 84.000 BTU Klima Compact Chillers are designed to provide gas free cabins with individual zone climate climate control. “Green Cooling Power” is provided in the smallest possible space. Klima Compact Chillers are reverse cycle (cooling and heating), they are quiet and guarantee cabins are kept free of refrigeration gas. Each unit is based on a high efficiency compressor, cupro-nickel condensor and plate type heat-exchanger. State of the art refrigeration technology ensures superior performance.
  • KMM Micro Chiller
  • KMC Mini Compact Chiller
  • KCC Single Compressor Chiller
  • KTC Twin Compressor Chiller
  • Combined Airconditioning & Heating
Portable Systems
Coolmaxx Portable 230V

Ocean Cool Battery Powered Airconditioning

  • 12 – 24 volts battery powered units

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