Stainless Steel Manta Anchors / Pool Galvanized Anchors

Anchors made of polished stainless steel 316. 


Available in various weights. Very popular anchors, available in various weights and sizes. Made from high grade steel and hot dip galvanized. The hollow flukes are also hot dip galvanized on the inside. Please see the table of dimensions for detailed information.


Anchor Chains And Swivels

Stainless Steel 316 Anchor Chains 

These stainless steel 316 anchor chains are available in 8 and 10 mm chains. The 8 mm chain is manufactured according to DIN 766. The 10 mm chain complies to DIN 766 (ISO 4565). 

Galvanized Anchor Chains DIN766 / DIN766L

Hot dip galvanized anchor chain. Available in 8, 10 and 13 mm, according to DIN 766. Available in standard bundle lengths as mentioned in the table below. Other lengths on request. Hot dip galvanized anchor chain. This 10 mm chain complies to DIN 766L (ISO 4565). Available in standard bundle lengths as mentioned in the table below. Other lengths on request.

Swivels And Shackles For Anchor Chains
Position 1 : Swivel made of polished stainless steel 316. Suitable for 8 or 10 mm chains.
Position 2 : Polished stainless 316 swivel for 8 or 10 mm chains. Double swiveling.
Positions 3 & 4 : Swivels made of stainless steel 304 suitable for 8 and 10 mm gipsies.
Not shown : Shackles made of stainless steel 304. Can be used for 10 mm chain

Chain Stoppers / Anchor Winches

DATA chain stoppers and compressors protect windlasses from unnecessary load and strain.When the anchor is stowed, devil’s claw helps to decrease the tension on the chain with thehelp of brake wheel. It also acts to guard the moving chain and provides an elegant look inkeeping with the windlass Chain stoppers / compressors integrated with devil’s claw suit tochains beginning from 14 mm. and are manufactured from mirror polished AISI 316L stainesssteel. We recommends to use these equipments for additional safety.

Anchors Windlasses & Capstans

How To Choose a Windlass?

In order to select the proper windlass, you have to decide which type will be suitable for your boat.

Horizontal Windlass.This type is preferred by the most of boat owners. They are entirely installed above the deck. Because maintenance and installation operations for this type is more simple than vertical types.

Vertical Windlass The main difference of this type is that the profile deck is very compact as the motor and the gearbox are under the deck. With the help of this advantage, they are suitable for every kind of boat, sailboat or motorboat.

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