Depending  on the hull material or its construction method, we can provide sterntubes to be welded in place, fixed  between  bulkheads  by  clamp  nuts  or  to  be laminated in place. Also, for vessels that are produced to the standards of all well-established  classification  societies  (e.g. Lloyds, BV, DNV and ABS), AAM-Equipment can supply sterntubes with the casting procedure or by boring. AAM-Equipment  sterntubes are made of only the best quality materials (steel, stainless steel, brass, GRP and aluminium), to ensure the sterntubes meet our high quality standards. we are able to anticipate on the following aspects:

–  Propeller calculation.

–  Shaft inclination.

–  Desired lubricant: water, grease or oil.

–  Hull material and desired mounting system. 

–  Calculation of shaft diameter and taper size. 

–  Shaft sealing.

–  Coupling.