Marine Fenders for Commercial Vessels and Yachts

Heavy duty Impact Absorbing Fenders:

Experience from many years in production and sales of fenders and buoys, have developed DAN-FENDER products to long lasting, heavy duty articles of very high quality. We don’t make compromises! That is why you will enjoy using DAN-FENDER products to protect and secure one of your most valuable possessions – your boat.

Dock Fenders Heavy duty Multi functional

Mini Multi Dock-Fender. 

Unique multifunctional dock fender which protect the boat from getting scratches. This Dock-Fender, which is produced in the strongest soft PVC material (like boat fenders), can easily be converted into a corner fender (inside or outside corner) or cut in two half’s for a smaller vertical protection.

Multi Dock-Fender NEW

Unique multifunction design allowing integration of a centrally mounted DAN-FENDER item 520 for extra vertical protection. Can also very simple be converted to provide full corner-fender protection (up to 90 degree bend).

Marine Buoys / Rigging Covers

Mooring Buoys 

Mooring Buoys   

Marker Buoys    

Double Eye Marker Buoys   

Bar Buoys           

Rigging Covers