JMP Pumps

JMP has been developing Flexible Impeller Pumps along with top quality rubber impellers since 1976. JMP was the first in the country to start with the business and has been expanding their business worldwide starting with a strong lead in Asia and expanding to other parts of the world.

As a result, JMP has grown to be a highly reputable and reliable company manufacturing for other brand name marine engine manufacturers. With experience and technology, JMP has shown the quality required in this field which can be shown and proven with their certifications in ISO 9001.

JMP can’t say they were the first but they can say they are the best. Customers have shown their satisfaction in using JMP’s products which have proven to be reliable and longer lasting and giving us continuous growth for the last 35 years.

JMP’s goal is to continue to grow in the marine field with the best quality materials and products that can endure the harshness of the seas and weather in keeping engines and generators working to its highest efficiency.

With our partnered companies, JMP manufactures to product specifications that is required marine engines built by OEM companies. Given the opportunity, JMP can develop, design and manufacture pumps with the flow rates required for the performance of marine engines. Parts used are of the highest quality in stainless steel and bronze casting. JMP assures that no client will ever be disappointed.