Model 60 HS

Servo for CP Propeller:
Max force = 1200 kN
Max stroke = 175 mm

PTO/PTI with free shaft
PTO max step-up 1:2,24
PTI max step-up 1:3,21
Max torque from PTO: 4000 Nm
Max torque from PTO/PTI: 8500 Nm

Approx. 5500 kg plus approx. 70 kg per PTO

Marine Gearbox:
Built-in servo system for CP propeller
Compact design
Large economical reduction ratio
Option of PTO/PTI with individual hydraulic clutches
Rigid cast iron housing
Helical ground gearwheels in casehardened and highly alloyed steel
Hydraulic multi-plate clutch
Oil system with direct driven oil pump, cooler, filter, valves etc.
Pressure lubricated spherical roller bearings
Designed according to the rules of the classification societies
Each gearbox is tested and approved in test bed

60HS prepared for OD system

Reduction Ration
Up to 8,18:1

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